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Badminton Star
Badminton Star
Badminton Star
Badminton Star
Badminton Star
Badminton Star
Badminton Star
Badminton Star
Badminton Star

Review Badminton Star

Kevin Vadala
Fast paced action, tight gameplay
Kiddy graphics, ads
Badminton Star for Android is a cutesy badminton game that contains unlockable and gear for your characters. The game has a funny art style with little characters that have big heads. Everything feels very lighthearted, including the elevator music.
Badminton Star has tight mechanics. You hit the ball back and forth, and very rarely did I feel that I missed a badminton when I should've hit it. Sometimes the opposite did happen, where I didn’t think I would hit the badminton over the net but I did. The reason this sometimes happens is because of the way the game is designed. It’s 2D and you can only go back and forth, that is left to right. You see the from the side, not a bird’s eye view.
I think this decision makes the game work very well on a mobile game that can’t always afford gamepad controls. You simply tap to hit, and then you move backwards and forwards with the two arrows on the right. Once you get a good volley going, you have the ability to jump and also have power hits. The strategy in the game comes with the jumping, and the angles that you hit the badminton. Sometimes it’s hard to predict which way the badminton will go, but it’s still fun to get a good shot by jumping and hitting it perfectly. Each time you hit the badminton, there's a cool sound effect that sounds like a blast and when you get a power hit it’s almost like you turn into a Super Sayian without the gold hair.
Badminton Star is a free to play game, but it’s free to play ads and everything are relatively simple. There is always an add at the bottom, but thankfully you only see a pop up add after your game is over (not during the game if you miss a hit or something). I would definitely check out this game if you are a fan of the sport, or even tennis. I also like that there is a system where you can upgrade your clothes, but it doesn’t really seem that in depth.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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