Star Wars ™: Galactic Defense
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Star Wars ™: Galactic Defense
Star Wars ™: Galactic Defense
Star Wars ™: Galactic Defense
Star Wars ™: Galactic Defense

Review Star Wars ™: Galactic Defense

Tariq Abdulla
Interesting characters, cool star wars theme, atmospheric soundtrack
Aggressive donation system
Star Wars Galactic Defense for Android is a tower defense game based on the Star Wars franchise that allows you pick a side, or even simultaneously play dark and light side campaigns. While the idea of the game has a lot of potential, it lets itself down with mediocre gameplay and aggressive pushing of in-app purchases. Even the most determined Star Wars fan will find that there is little reward in this game to get them hooked.
You work through a series of planets from the Star Wars universe, each with a series of maps to work through, with a range of difficulty settings possibles. You play by strategically placing different types of defensive tower on the map. A melee tower has ground units associated with it. Other towers fire at enemies directly. When you've finished, you tap to invite the opposing forces to run across the map, and try to kill as many of them as possible before they reach the exit.
There are some interesting gameplay elements. Notably, you can direct 'heroes' around the map, and get them to unleash their special powers. For examle, Luke Skywalker summons a practice drone which attacks enemies and slows them down. Darth Vader attacks them with a light sabre. Boba Fett launches an impresssive flamethrower attack from above. You can also launch some support attacks, which come in a variety of aerial bombardments.
Star Wars Galactic Defense is unimpressive in terms of graphics; zooming in reveals the lack of detail. The focus on in-app purchases, and the way that they are marketed with push notifications and "one time offers", make this a disappointing game, with little to mark out the levels as different from each other.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 5/10
Sound 7/10
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