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Mind Games
Mind Games
Mind Games
Mind Games
Mind Games
Mind Games
Mind Games
Mind Games

Review Mind Games

Jay Feldman
Quality sound, interesting graphics
Poor presentation, bores you really quickly
Mind Games for Android is a tedious little app with virtually no presentation skills. I think the game has potential, but simply doesn't translate.
Mind Games is meant to be a collection of brain teasers, set to ethereal music designed to enhance the mood and play. The idea is to both relax, and train your mind at the same time. However, in its current form, the game is little more than a boring frustration. There are virtually no instructions or nary a clue to be had. And what little English appears onscreen, is translated poorly from whatever language it originated from. Unfortunately, all that just adds to the frustration of this poorly designed game.
The game just starts off with a visual puzzle of a little boy standing outside a eerie looking home. The picture is divided into 9 tiles, with 3 rows of 3 tiles each. The tiles are randomly mismatched in color. It soon becomes apparent that there are actually 4 separate images being displayed at once; all of them slightly different, but essentially the same picture. Touch a tile to cycle through the different color options. But be careful, because adjacent tiles shift too, so each tap causes a chain reaction. From what I can glean, the idea is to match all the tiles properly so the picture is complete. However, the presentation is so bad that I lost interest right out of the gate.
Mind Games seems to have potential and I would love to try some of the other puzzles, but if the first puzzle is any indication of how this game unfolds, than I'm confident none of them are worth playing. This app is a shining example of how a good idea simply isn't enough, in and of itself. It needs to be presented well, or it simply isn't worth anyone's time. Sadly, this game is currently a total dud and needs a serious overhaul.

Final ratings

Gameplay 4/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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