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Mage Gauntlet
Mage Gauntlet
Mage Gauntlet
Mage Gauntlet
Mage Gauntlet
Mage Gauntlet
Mage Gauntlet
Mage Gauntlet

Review Mage Gauntlet

Vlad Popa
Plenty of interesting and useful items to collect, can be played without in-app purchases, interesting plot, decent game play
Retro graphics can not compete with modern ones, insufficient character customization
Inspired by classic titles and resembling the old 8bit graphics, Mage Gauntlet stands out as one of the most humorous and entertaining action RPGs out there. The experience is fluid and moves at a rapid pace, dealing away with boring quests and choosing instead to mock them.
It follows an amusing storyline that is filled with interesting and wacky characters. Like a certain guardian that has gone insane and now acts similar to a quest giver in a certain MMO, asking you to collect various animal parts. Don’t worry, as the game deals away with this type of mission and instead opts for a more rapid gameplay. The world is ripe with fun little lore pieces and amusing items to discover, not to mention tons of hidden areas to explore. Combat is simple, but fun, it mostly consists of swinging your sword and casting spells when enough power is available. Items spice things up a little as they help your character adapt. You may discover that certain items strongly affect what spells are available more often and use them when you discover a situation that requires a certain skill.
Overall, Mage Gauntlet for Android has a great storyline and solid gameplay, however the graphics, while nostalgic, are somewhat of a drawback. Mostly due to the fact that the majority of gamers nowadays do not remember the classic graphics that it tries to copy. Those of us that do remember this type of graphics, while we did love them back in the day, we are secretly glad that they have advanced toward newer and more amazing visual assets.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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