Escape the Hellevator!
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Escape the Hellevator!
Escape the Hellevator!
Escape the Hellevator!
Escape the Hellevator!
Escape the Hellevator!
Escape the Hellevator!
Escape the Hellevator!
Escape the Hellevator!

Review Escape the Hellevator!

Kevin Vadala
Feels very fair with hints, interesting atmosphere, creative gameplay
Essentially a demo
Escape the Hellevator! for Android is a puzzle game where you explore the small elevator for clues to get out of the level. This free version is basically a demo, and only lets you play the first two levels and then once you buy the premium version, you can move on to the other levels. The first level is fairly basic and it serves as a tutorial for the game. The second level is more like a real level and it does a great job of illustrating what the game has to offer.
The basic premise of the game involves you looking around a small elevator room for specific objects. You then use these objects to interact with each other, or the environment. For example, you might use a scalpel to cut into a pillow (yikes, that could've been something much worse), or use a key to unlock something. This is done by dragging objects to and from each other. It took me awhile to figure out that even objects in your inventory can interact with each other. It’s a little confusing, but something that you can get the hang of by the second level.
This game has a great atmosphere. It has comic book like style storyboards with creepy Halloween music as a background. I wasn’t quite sure what the story was and why I had to keep escaping elevators, besides the general gist that I was running or trying to get away from a crazy old man. I’d expect the story to become more fleshed out throughout the later levels.
Besides the good music, and polished art within the comic book like strips preceding levels, the actual levels have pretty good graphics themselves. A lot of the props look like things taken straight out of the source engine. It’s also easy to look around the level as you just swipe, tap on something to zoom it, or pinch to zoom out. I was impressed with the details of the environments, even though they were small they felt creepy and real. There are creepy paintings that change, pots that boil, and even interactive fridges and stoves you can turn the dials on.
Escape the Hellevator is different than any game I have ever played on the Android market. I’m glad the game takes the demo model and gives you just enough to taste to want to buy the full game. It’s a refreshing model because so many games with ads are so aggressive that it makes the game itself feel bothersome.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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