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Review ProCapture

Sergei Petrov
ProCapture - is a professional program which allows you to extend the functionality of your smartphone's camera to the point that we used to see in the advanced digital cameras and SLRs. In particular, with this camera your smartphone learns to shoot a panorama of 360 degrees and actively minimize potential noise.
This program actively claim to be a replacement of the application, by default, you have called "Camera". Accordingly, in programs that support the ability to upload photos, you can choose it as a program of "default."

Features ProCapture

The differences are evident immediately, for example, if the camera is usually in standard two, maximum three shooting modes, there is as many as six pieces: normal, timer, high-speed photography, active noise reduction, the extended frame (pan 180 degrees) and a full 360 - degree panorama.
Also, there is a set of predefined settings: portrait, night portrait, snow, sport, clarity, fireworks, low light, etc. These settings automatically adjust the level of ISO, white balance, exposure and other settings. If this is not enough, you can select one of four flash modes, lighting, and include a histogram.
We would also like to select the function, as an invoice net Fibonacci spiral. Many experienced photographers, have proven that this famous sequence can be used to create high-quality, balanced picture. This mode is an alternative to the grid, which is used to build the image according to the rules of thirds.
Of course, the Fibonacci spiral makes them more detailed or quality, just emphasizing the first point on the alleged object of focus, you can create a pleasant perception of proportion. Look at the examples of photos, they can be used to understand that the central part, in this case, the eye is located exactly in the center of the spiral.


ProCapture - this is one of the best current alternative to the standard camera. This is replacement, not addition, because the program has all the features that has a camera, and more. The program comes in free and paid versions. In the paid version is no advertising, and no limit to the resolution of the photo (the free, it is 5 megapixel).

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 10/10
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