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360 Planes
360 Planes
360 Planes
360 Planes
360 Planes
360 Planes
360 Planes

Review 360 Planes

Kevin Vadala
Creative game design
Confusing game mechanics
360 Planes for Android is a colorful and cartoony game in which you control two airplanes at once and keep them from running into each other or the ground. It’s a simple concept that proves difficult given that the controls only let you make the planes go the way they are oriented.
Upon launching the game, you aren’t given any sort of tutorial besides one sentence. I couldn’t actually figure out how to play the game and soon the wizzing sounds the planes made started to make me rage. They would go up, come down, and blow up. Sometimes they decided to run into each other.
After a break, and a relaunch of the game I figured out the game. You have to tap and hold to give the planes gas and it works best when the planes are level. I could have sworn that I tried controlling the planes that way before, but for some reason it only worked the second time.
It’s the sort of game you never really make it far, and the sort of game where mistakes happen more often than success. On my best try I managed to get one plane in a very good spot while the other plane eventually got to low to see it. Then it crashed, and my other plane was doomed.
Besides that, the game doesn’t hold much. There is another mode, but it’s distinction between it and the other mode is complicated. Everything about the game seems simple but isn’t explained very well. Even when understood, the basic mechanics of controlling the planes feels awkward and strange. That is the games selling point, it’s creativity, but I can’t say it works. Just like the planes, the game might ultimately fall flat to any but the most aviatorly inclined.
360 Planes is a different application than most. It makes you control two planes, and it’s not really easy to accomplish such a feat without encountering a lot of frustration along the way.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 5/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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