Hangar - Smart app shortcuts
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Hangar - Smart app shortcuts
Hangar - Smart app shortcuts
Hangar - Smart app shortcuts
Hangar - Smart app shortcuts
Hangar - Smart app shortcuts
Hangar - Smart app shortcuts
Hangar - Smart app shortcuts
Hangar - Smart app shortcuts
Hangar - Smart app shortcuts

Review Hangar - Smart app shortcuts

Kevin Vadala
Easy to use, looks good
Not very useful for organized people
Hangar for Android is an application which tries to make finding applications on your phone easier. The application stays on your notification panel and there are also widget options. You can change the way the applications are shown via the amount of time used on each application, the alphabetical order, and so on. The application really bases itself on the most used application feature. There are two widgets, one to show the most used applications and one that is more like a data readout of how much time is used on each application.
This application really is a hit or miss application based on you, the user. If you are the sort of person who compulsively organizes your home screen and have all of your applications the way you want it, this application doesn’t really have much use in term of application handiness. It could prove interesting if you like the data of the time used on your applications.
For those of you who have no sort of organization for your applications, this could be useful. Say you are using Chrome, and then Facebook, and then Instagram. Instead of having to root through your applications the next time you want to launch them, they will be on the tab from the last used applications. Then again, multitasking is available on most phones and would prove this feature of the application relatively useless in terms of short term memory.
If you are the sort of person who uses a lot of applications a lot, why wouldn’t you just put them on the main screen next to each other so you can tap them? If this sounds like something you could do, you might want to give this application a wide berth. On one of the screenshots from the play store the widget looks good. It almost looks like it could replace a home screen full of applications. But the most used feature would prove more bothersome, as it would require you to constantly scan a constantly changing arrangement of applications. If you like alphabetical organization, it could prove adequate. With launchers, that’s often an option to organize all of your applications with.
Hangar is a strange application. It sort of feels useful and sort of feels pointless. It looks good, and is simple to use, so give it a shot if you are curious.

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Usefulness 6/10
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Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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