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Review Twilight

Kevin Vadala
Best of the screen filters availble, works well without messing with it
It's too perfect
Twilight for Android is an application that changes the hue of your screen directly correlated with the time of day. In the morning your phone won’t be affected by the application, and at night it will take on an orange hue. This hue change is suppose to make the blue light less aggravating for tired eyes, and it works. You can change the color with a few different settings but the default option makes the ordinary blinding light of your smart phone bearable at night. Couple that with the way the application doesn’t require mandatory fiddling around with, make Twilight the number one pick on the play store.
Twilight files its claims based on research that shows that blue light is harmful to your eyes in that Melanopsin, a receptor in your eyes, is reactive to blue light which suppresses Melatonin production. Twilight filters this blue light spectrum with a pleasant red filter (it looks more like a combination of light pink and orange to me). Of course with all of this research, it sounds good - but putting it into practice is another thing.
Thankfully, I've been able to put it into practice for more than a year with Flux (a very similar application for computers) on my computer. Turn it on for a couple days and use your computer at night or your phone and get used to it. Then try to turn it off. You will feel like someone just threw a flash-bang at you. And from the way the application claims blue light affects you, it very well might as well be a flash-bang.
If you really like the filter, you can make it always on, or on an alarm basis, or even custom. Regardless of how you like it, you can make it suited to your needs.
Twilight manages to work flawlessly and usefully. A lot cannot be said for other applications on the play store. Download it if you have sore eyes, or just download it if you like the Twilight series.

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Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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