Save the Puppies
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Save the Puppies
Save the Puppies
Save the Puppies
Save the Puppies

Review Save the Puppies

Sergei Petrov
Save the Puppies - is a colorful cartoon puzzle from studio HandyGames, in which we look for lost puppies, and free them from the cells. We will take on the role of Sand taxis which can stretch its already long body. The plot of the game itself is not. A little background states that sobakolov kidnapped all the dogs in the area, locked them in cages and hid them in a city park.
The game is very colorful and colorful design and it may seem that this game is made for children, but it is not. The game is a rather complex puzzle, which vaguely resembles HueBrix .

Geimpley to Save the Puppies

Each level is divided into square blocks, while there are elevations, stairs, hills, and many other obstacles. Our task - to open all the cells of animals, and if possible take the gold pit.
Taxi management is done via a virtual joystick while she walks exclusively on cells (forward, left, right), back to back away our dog simply can not. Since dogs have long, it can be confusing and just rest against a wall or even on his tail without possibility of release.
Initially, our fee is only three cells, but if she eats sausage, her body immediately increase per cell. This way you can grow to a very large size.
With a length of our taxes just connected all the complicated, requiring thought, geimleynye moments. For example, if we type a long form, it can be taken away from the ledge to the right on his back. A little later in the game there are blocking the way, vicious dogs, cats and distractions are many other objects and characters.
For each level is given a certain number of moves that can be done. If you get stuck or have done something wrong, then at any time you can cancel the previous steps. If you mess up somewhere, you can use the hint and find the right solution. True, we advise not to abuse them, as their number is limited and will have to pay extra for real money.
Summary. Save the Puppies - is a colorful and high-quality puzzle game that fans of the genre will love. At this point, the game is about 100 levels, which will last for 4-5 hours of continuous play, which is not bad, considering the free games. Recommended!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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