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Mi Launcher (MIUI)
Mi Launcher (MIUI)
Mi Launcher (MIUI)
Mi Launcher (MIUI)
Mi Launcher (MIUI)
Mi Launcher (MIUI)
Mi Launcher (MIUI)
Mi Launcher (MIUI)

Review Mi Launcher (MIUI)

Kevin Vadala
Solid amount of features, design looks simple but welcoming
Premium features as to be expected
Mi Launcher for Android is a different launcher available now for Android phones without the need to unlock your phone. It looks similar to iOS and TouchWiz. It retains iOS’s flat colored look, has a lot of customized features, and even has additional addons for downloads on the Google Play store.
Mi Launcher is very easy to get working. You launch the application and everything on your phone is instantly transformed into the MiUI experience. The icons are big, bright, and easy to look at. All of my organized applications decided to spread out, which is an expected hassle when dealing with new launchers on your phone. Overall, I like the look of Mi Launcher. There is a lot of features inside the launcher with the best features like gesture controls being available for premium.
Without generalizing too much, Mi Launcher aims to compete with other launchers like Nova by retaining core features but changing the look of things. You can change icons, and adjust other minuscule settings to make it look a little bit suited for your needs. One feature I liked was that when I pushed my settings tab on the bottom left of my S4, the home screens all came up for me to look at. Thankfully, if you don’t like Mi Launcher it’s not hard to get rid of because the application launches and lets you view it without changing or asking for default permission changes.
For those waiting for the MiUI experience, this application makes it very easy to install. I cannot say that it really offers unique features from other powerful launchers, but that it can compete and it looks polished and streamlined.
Mi Launcher is a solid pick for those wanting a flat colored look similar to iOS.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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