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Vlad Popa
Functions quickly, simple interface, completely free
Limited features compared to the PC version, most users will not find lots of applications for it
My Maps for Android is a nifty little productivity tool made by Google, that works together with Google Maps to add a few more tools at your disposal. The entire app is designed around Google Maps so it is very reliable and functions swiftly.
The mobile version of the app allows users to create custom maps by adding layers of placemarks that can be displayed on top of the map and then saved and opened at a later date. The placemarks can be just about anything. From bird sightings to apartments you are considering purchasing and travel destinations. Every layer can be displayed individually or grouped, as per the user’s selections.
Using the app is as simple as possible. Simply create a new map and layer from the menu and then start adding placemarks. Holding a finger on the map will begin the process for the selected layer. Each one can contain a small amount of information that the user can add.
Overall My Maps is not the most useful app for the majority of users; however, depending on your hobbies or interests it may be indispensable. For users who truly want to make use of much more advanced features, they may choose to create the maps on their PC, where the program has much more power, and simply display the map on their smart device.

Final ratings

Usefulness 7/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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