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Review KittenTaxi

Vlad Popa
Lots of levels, simple controls
Monotonous game play, graphics could have been better, in-app purchases
KittenTaxi for Android is a runner game that follows two kittens as they go on a bank robbing spree and attempt to escape from the police. The game acts as a runner game, but moves away from the more accepted game type where the main character runs either away from the camera, or to the side. It opted to have its main character move towards the camera.
The game plays rather simply. Swiping the screen moves the getaway car with the two kittens and the best part is that the game removes the traditional lanes, leaving the player freedom to move the car as much or as little as he prefers. Over the course of the game police cars will pull up behind you and begin shooting or lobbing grenades at you. Maneuvering your car in front of the police will open fire upon the police. At times crates containing power-ups will appear and can be collected for that extra edge.
The cartoonish hand drawn graphics are a nice touch; however they looked rather blurry on my device which made it hard to notice incoming obstacles at times. The black and white color pallet looks rather well and adds to the entire humor of the game, while the addition of several color elements brings out a bit more of the beauty of the game.
Overall KittenTaxi is an enjoyable game, yet it is not exciting enough and rather monotonous. It needs to introduce enough variety from level to level to keep things interesting. In-app purchases are an available option, but if the player is careful, he will rarely need to resort to a “continue” in order to complete levels.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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