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Castround with Twitter
Castround with Twitter
Castround with Twitter
Castround with Twitter
Castround with Twitter
Castround with Twitter
Castround with Twitter
Castround with Twitter
Castround with Twitter

Review Castround with Twitter

Kevin Vadala
Interesting premise
Innovating idea falls flat
Castaround for Android is an application where you can see tweets by location. In theory, this sounds like a cool idea and might provide very useful in a zombie apocalypse or some type of event that makes everyone post similar things. Think earthquakes, natural disasters, etc.
But for daily use, Castaround doesn’t seem very useful or fun. Mostly it consists of random users feeds in the area that you can look at. When I was looking at San Francisco, I saw a guy talking about the Giants (no not huge ones that can topple skyscrapers), and a few people talking about the new iPhone. You can see these topics and scroll down, and then the actual tweets are on the right. Most of what I saw was user jargon and random tweets that barely bore any worthwhile or entertaining patterns.
Visually, the application is also a bit of a disappointment. I thought that I would see these twitter feeds by their location, like on a map, but I suppose that's a bit too much to ask for (also it might be creepy). What you get is a large red circle that shows the radius of the twitter feed, and then you switch into the actually feed panel by taping the red triangle at the bottom.
Like I said before, Castaround might prove an interesting application in very specific circumstances. I’m just not sure it has a wide enough appeal to stay on someone’s phone, unless they want to meet people on twitter in the area. But the app isn’t really marketed this way, it’s more about finding useful information, and I’m not sure twitter is the best way to do that.
Castaround is a neat application but one without much plausible purpose or design.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 9/10
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