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Review Iconic

Kevin Vadala
Polished colorized graphics and panels, not many ads
Some are too easy
Iconic for Android is a word game where you are given hints in the form of a picture and a category. Sometimes you are given one picture as a hint, and others two pictures to form a whole. Then, you pick a selection of letters at the bottom in hangman fashion. It’s easy to select and deselect these characters which are an important thing for a game like this to have. It shouldn’t be hard to change letters and in some games it’s a little clunky. Thankfully, everything about Iconic feels polished and succinct.
The colors of the puzzles shift around from teal, white, and tan palettes, to purple and neon, and to red and gold palettes. In the top right corner you can see your progress, which is a nice touch. It feels like you are playing a continuous game and like the stakes are raised.
While most of the puzzles feel fair but challenging, there are hints you can use as you progress. You start out with 30 coins, and earn more every time you complete a level. You can even ask Facebook friends to grant you more coins. I used some hints early on, and it takes a while to earn more - so be thrifty!
Iconic is a fun puzzle game that feels refreshing after the popular Words with Friends, or other word games. It has a very minimalist interface that feels right within the simple game. The art in the pictures is often cute and each clue manages to provide the perfect hint. For the band Queen, there was a small picture of a lady with a crown. For the band The Beatles, there was a “the” and a picture of three Beatles. Not all are this easy but this game is also fun to play with a friend by your side as you can each help each other figure out the word puzzle.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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