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Flow Home
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Flow Home
Flow Home

Review Flow Home

Kevin Vadala
Pleasant looking tiles and customization options are diverse
Feels cluttered at times and it's hard to refresh feeds or change options
Flow Home for Android is a neat application that takes all of your social networks and makes them into a home screen replacement. From there you can also tab to applications with a shortcut at the bottom, or access all of your applications together in a long list. At the top there is a picture of you, the weather information, and a date. The top part of the application looks really good and you can even customize the background header.
The rest of the application’s interface can also be customized. Each thing within the application works within a tile interface. It breaks down your social networks into different categories and on mine Twitter was on the top, Instagram, and then Facebook. Sine I have a fair amount of twitter followers, the twitter section wasn’t very useful to me and might provide more use for users that have a smaller follow list or a select few follows.
Each tile has a different color scheme to it, and depending on how you choose to customize the way the spaces look in-between your tiles, that can look different as well. There are different options with one long list of tiles, or two lists, or a variety of other options to customize the look of the application further.
While this application is obviously made to look good, I can’t say it’s very useful. Everything is mushed together, and really only provides
readable information to those with small feeds or those looking to be connected to networks at all time. It’s a little chaotic, and at this time it’s hard to get the application to refresh properly after you change some network settings and so forth. With so much style, you invariably have to sacrifice function, and sadly, Flow Home is no exception. It’s hard to really shortcut a lot of applications like you would on a normal screen, or have access to widgets.
Flow Home is a neat application perfect for those who love social media integration. With that said, it might not be as powerful yet as it needs to be or have the amount of useful data at hand that some may need.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 7/10
Design 8/10
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