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Hyper Trip
Hyper Trip
Hyper Trip
Hyper Trip
Hyper Trip
Hyper Trip
Hyper Trip
Hyper Trip

Review Hyper Trip

Kevin Vadala
Extremely hard, aggresive add system
Controls feel awkward and unfitting
Hyper Trip for Android is an insanely fast arcade game where you control a square to navigate inside a neon lit maze. You swipe left to turn left, and right to turn right. Think if Tron and Super Hexagon had a love baby.
No matter how many times I attempted Hyper Trip, it always felt unfair - which is different than the popular Super Hexagon. Mostly, it felt a matter of luck. Depending on how many times I had to turn, death was made much more likely. Turning in the game is a matter of survival. So it’s easy to see why in a game like this when things are made to hard. You aren’t given barely any window of time in which to make a decision to turn left or right, and then sometimes, when by some miracle you made the turn, there’s another one smack in your face and you have to make the decision even quicker than before. Sound like something you could do?
Well if you do manage to get good at it, (there isn’t any consistency in maps and the map keeps changing so it’s really only about training your reflexes to superhuman levels) you will have to brave through the annoying and aggressive ad system on the free version. After almost every time you die, there is an add. Due to the nature of the game, you are tapping a lot. So when you die, you might tap accidentally like I did many times and by doing so click on their add. Something about it feels like this design was purposeful. I woudn’t go so far as to say they made the game in order to implement this system, but the though did cross my mind.
Hyper Trip has a good concept but it doesn’t play out well. I like the idea of a tron game, but everything about the game feels to fast and too hard with little reward and extreme consequence (here have an add).

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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