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Review BombSquad

Kevin Vadala
Physic system is unique, great party based gameplay
Music is tiresome
Bomb Squad for Android is an arena game in which you control a small armored kid that can throw bombs and explode other kids, pick up other kids to throw around, and even punch little kids. The game uses a detailed rag doll and physic system which lets strategy reign upon the small battlefields. This game encourages co-op play and can’t really be played to its full potential without others.
For a tightly played arena game like Bomb Squad, controls are very important. In the game you have a small joystick and four buttons that resemble buttons on a controller. The controls behave as you might expect for a touchscreen, but seem more made for controller and game pad play. The game does support game pads and even supports using phones to connect to a tablet.
By using just the virtual controls, I found some of the moves a little difficult to pull off effectively. In order to a good punch, you have to be running in order to maintain momentum into the punch. It’s difficult to be running at the same time by holding down a button and controlling a small joystick then pushing the punch button at the end. But the idea behind the controls and the physics system as play does seem to work well.
Throwing bombs was easier to experiment with this system and it’s satisfying to control the bomb by “cooking” the fuse - letting it simmer down, then releasing it at the perfect time and momentum by swinging your character around to throw it further.
The combat mechanics are diverse and they are what make this arena game fun and unique. There are also power ups sprinkled around the levels but I didn’t find them that interesting enough to try to get them every single time.
Bomb Squad also has very intense classical style music. It matches the onslaught in a funny manner, but I couldn’t help but wish they had taken some more creative license in creating a catchy sound track for the game.
Bomb Squad is a fun little game. It’s one of those game that really does shine with extra people added, but isn’t that fun to play with the bots provided in the tutorial options.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 5/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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