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Bike Race Free
Bike Race Free
Bike Race Free
Bike Race Free
Bike Race Free

Review Bike Race Free

Jay Feldman
Decent graphics, online multiplayer, simple controls
Crashes, glitches, is lagging, very common, bores you really quickly
Bike Race Free for Android is a lot like MX Moto but nowhere near as good. Race an itty bitty dirt bike on an itty bitty track and have itty bitty fun.
Bike Race Free is a style of game I love on paper, but in reality, the execution is poor. Basically, you’re a motocross rider, racing a side scrolling obstacle course. Land jumps, do air born tricks and even race head to head against live online players. That all sounds great, right? The problem is, the bike itself has very little speed and spotty animation, assuring the game will barely be entertaining. I think this app would be great for kids, but seasoned players will feel held back and hamstrung.
The physics are actually decent, and the controls are responsive. Just tilt your device to make the bike do front or back flips. You can even pop wheelies with great accuracy. The runs, however, are very short and overly simplistic. And the bike moves so slow that you have to wonder about gravity, and how it gets any hang time at all without just dropping out of the sky.
The app is riddled with glitches, hangs and crashes. Just trying to start a multi player game was monotonous and tedious. I experienced repeated crashes and hangs.
Bike Race Free has promise but is virtually unplayable in its current form. If you want to try a killer game like this, download MX Moto instead. It’s almost exactly the same as this one, but actually refined and fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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controls are wired, when you want to back flip you do a front flip
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