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Review X-Plore

Evgenii Kostrov
X-Plore - a great file manager for Android-devices from Lonely Cat Games. This developer of mobile content has proven successful even in those times when the Android operating system, even in the plans was not. And, as you can see, still maintains its reputation. X-Plore is useful as a beginner, who took the first "Google Phone" in hand, and this boom.

It does not matter, the file or archive

With it, you can do with your files almost everything you want. Under these opportunities means moving, copying, deleting, and transferring files, unpacking Zip (and Rar) archives and archive files, edit almost any file with the Hex-editor, music and videos, and view photos and images.

X-Plore approach to the protection of the file system

If you are not so experienced about the operating system Android, and worried that may do something bad, you can hide the system memory and memory cards from your eyes and deal only with the files that are not responsible for its operation. File Manager has two operating window that allows you to quickly navigate through folders located arborescent copying and moving files.


Working with Cloud StorageIn addition, X-Plore is supported cloud storage Google Drive and quietly display shared folders on other computers on the LAN (Local Area Network). If you have root access (Root), the possibility of increasing the file manager repeatedly. Naturally, vyvorachivast system Android-device inside is better only to those who are not afraid of the consequences, that is confident in his actions.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 6/10
Originality 8/10
Design 10/10
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ashis mondal
Micromax cancanvas451A1 File
Hello dear Valad Popa, Thanks a lot for your respond. Not at all. I made an account in yahoo before. recently I have made a google account which is necessary for my job, I do not want to use it for my personal use.
Vlad Popa
Hello again,
Well, as I said, a Google account is required for almost any Android installation. Although you can use the work account to install, it should not cause any issues; however I understand not wanting to use it for personal installations.
There is not really much to do, once more a Google account is required. And just in case you were wondering it is possible to log in two accounts on the play store and install only from the one you wish to by making that account the currently active one.
If you require more assistance, please let me know.
Hello dear Vald Popa. Thanks again. l do really appreciate your respond. could I ask you help me if I have problem with my computer? 
Vlad Popa
Of course you can, please tell me the issue and I will try to answer to the best of my abilities. I'm always happy to help.
thanks again, how can I contact you? would you please give me your email address? or I should use this page to ask my questions. 
Vlad Popa
You can post the issue here for now. I will work on getting a more advantageous method of communication in the meantime.
I want to sign out of iPhone 6 mail but I can't do you know how I can sign out? 
Tariq Abdulla
I thnk you need to go into your phone settings, then to "Mail, contacts, calendars". Tap on the relevant mail account, and turn it off
excellent. thanks a lot.
Hi. I wanted to install this software, but for installation it was needed to have an account in google I do not have an account in google and I am not going to make one. what should I do now?
Vlad Popa
All Android apps go through the Play Store, which relies on a Google Account (Not necessarily Google+). Unfortunately there is not much you can do but make an account. Do you mind if I ask why you do not wish to make an account?
Sayed Bulbul Hossain
we need htcdesire 816 file manager
amdgraphics12 Mar 2014, at 09:11Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
Thanks Android people
My memory card locked automatically. Please tell me how i can unlock it by using this app. Details : Android : 4.1 Jelly Bean Phone : Canvas 4
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