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Scrubs: hidden object

Review Scrubs: hidden object

Sergei Blyudov
Clinic - this is a new adventure in the genre of "Hidden Object", modeled on the popular American TV series. Game developer studio is Herocraft, which not only gives us a good game, such masterpieces as " Tiny Bang Theory ", but places all its projects in Russian. So here, all the dialogs, menus and labels are fully transferred to our great and mighty.
In this game, according to the canons of the genre "quest" to disclose the mysterious crime connected with the loss of the crystals, and to restore the reputation of the clinic. In the course of the story, we will move from one location to another and get to know the characters the show, performing a variety of assignments, which generally will be to search for items.

Geimpley Scrubs for Android

The process of finding objects constructed very simply. We were given a list of what you need to find (including images), and we're just looking through the eyes of an object and click on it. If there are problems, you can always use the tips that are in the game are of two types: a hint, just pointing to the desired object, and a hint that shows the area of ​​the subject. Unfortunately, the tips are not infinite, and for them to have to pay the player points, or, if not, the real money.
With each subsequent task of collecting objects becomes more difficult. First, we assign too much time, then a picture of the items to be found are in black and white, which further complicates the problem. Finally, we end with tips, and only hope for their attentiveness. During the scene with the search, you can interact with various objects (open drawers, tables, use items, etc.).
Puzzle quest items diluted mini-games in the style of "puzzles" and "three in a row", as well as short humorous dialogues. Levels in the game are divided into zones (rooms), each of which contains at least three hidden object scenes with different tasks - searching of different objects, search for related items (example: the parts disassembled bike) and the collection of similar objects (leaves, money) .


Scrubs (Clinic) - is very high quality and easy to play, and most importantly, you can play it absolutely free with integrated banner ad or pay 60 rubles for the full version without ads. Fans of the genre of hidden object for Android is highly recommended!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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