Red Bull Air Race The Game
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Red Bull Air Race The Game
Red Bull Air Race The Game
Red Bull Air Race The Game
Red Bull Air Race The Game
Red Bull Air Race The Game
Red Bull Air Race The Game
Red Bull Air Race The Game
Red Bull Air Race The Game
Red Bull Air Race The Game
Red Bull Air Race The Game
Red Bull Air Race The Game

Review Red Bull Air Race The Game

Kevin Vadala
Nice views after flights, interesting premise and gate measurements
Feels restrictive in terms of movement
Red Bull Air Race The Game reminds me very much of a water based racing game with jet skis. You fly a plane through specific spots on the track and perform rolls and tight maneuvers.
Red Bull Air Race feels very arcadey. The controls are pretty snappy and work well for the type of game it is. You are sped along a track and you
can’t really fly free form. Instead you can control your acceleration and your turns within the boundaries of the track. And if you mess up the game automatically corrects you and takes away points.
The graphics within Red Bull Air Race are fairly detailed and inside the small little cut scenes the planes do look nice. The scenery below often looks decent. There are a variety of planes you can fly, and many different planes to keep those who like the gameplay busy.
With that said, it’s hard to say that each level really feels that different besides the changing scenery. Even though in the first couple of levels I was told I was moving around the world racing planes at different locations and events, the tracks felt very similar because of how the plane moved and the controls worked. I could see car games having this same sort of syndrome, but most car games let you crash on railings and offer more freedom when it comes to movement. While the controls do work well, I think they played it to safe with the mechanics.
Red Bull Air Race is a solid air racing game for those who want tight action. It’s fun when you get perfect precision movements when moving through gates, and it can be neat the way the game tracks movement by your elevation through gates and angels. With that said, the game doesn't always feel quite as daring as I would hope.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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