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Review Vignette

Sergei Petrov
Vignette - a powerful application to create beautiful images and their subsequent processing through the use of filters and add beautiful frames. Despite its name, which refers to the unique style of photography, vignette has more than 70 different filters and 50 frames.
The first thing that catches your eye - is the complete lack of any interface. There is no usual for us, for similar applications Aviary and PicsArt , beautiful menu or anything like that yet. All the convenience of the interface was thrown against weight reduction programs and optimize speed. Developers have got to make the easiest application for capturing and processing images, weighing only 193 KB, and the program itself has a lot of cool features that are not available from competitors. Of course, such an easy program "flies" on even the oldest smartphones.

Working With Vignette

Immediately after the launch we discover is an empty camera interface, and to take a photo, simply click on the screen. To call settings and other functions, simply press the "Menu".
The process of working with the program is built like this:
  • Run the program;
  • Quickly make a picture;
  • Then select the desired filter;
  • Choosing a frame;
  • Resize;
  • Save your favorite version of the image.
  • [/ol]
    Because the program is not completely sane interface, and examples of the effects we can not see. Initially, therefore, have to rely solely on the filter name, and watch your favorite effects that are displayed next to a miniature made us pictures.
    Effects very much, each of which can be customized to your taste, not to mention the fact that you can, in addition to the imposition of effects, touch up the picture itself (contrast, brightness, saturation, etc.).
    Additional Scenes:
    • Fast Shot - a rapid sequence of frames;
    • Steady Shot - shooting at rest;
    • Shooting mode under water;
    • Photo by timer;
    • Time Lapse - Take pictures at a set interval;
    • Shooting collage of four photos;
    • Shooting two frames superimposed on each other.
    • I think it's not even worth talking about is that it supports remote control for shutter can zumit up to 10x, writes the geo-tagging, mark the date and, if desired, a mark on the photos, and can be run directly from the lock screen (in full version). And that's not all the features!
      Summary. Vignette - a powerful application for taking photos and applying effects, designed for people who know what they want to achieve from a photo. When properly configured, from pressing to a fully processed image, it takes only 2 seconds, this not a single other program.
      Developers are invited to try the demo version for free, which includes only one restriction on the size of the stored pictures. The full version costs 93 rubles, which, in my opinion, is not much for such a functional application.

      Final ratings

      Usefulness 10/10
      Usability 10/10
      Originality 10/10
      Design 8/10
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