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AntiSquad Tactics
AntiSquad Tactics
AntiSquad Tactics
AntiSquad Tactics
AntiSquad Tactics
AntiSquad Tactics
AntiSquad Tactics

Review AntiSquad Tactics

Vlad Popa
Interesting gameplay, decent graphics, simple controls
The AI is rather predictable, in-app purchases
AntiSquad Tactics for Android is a game reminiscent of the old Commandos games. Strategy is extra important here as each your heroes have a limited number of moves that they can use to complete their objective.
The game is a top-down, modern, turn based strategy game. Before each mission players choose the composition of the team they send into battle. Each hero has his own strengths, weaknesses and abilities so choosing heroes that complement each other is critical. Once the mission starts the player and the AI take turns giving orders to their units. Each hero has a limited number of action points. Each movement along the map’s grid costs a certain number of action points and the combat abilities have their own costs.
Controls are fairly simple to use. Tapping on a hero selects him and displays all the available abilities. Tapping once on the grid will set a destination and display how many action points will be left, while a second tap confirms the destination and issues the movement order. Similar to selecting your hero, tapping on an enemy will target him and display valuable information about him. A second tap on an enemy will attack him, or players can simply use the buttons on the right side of the screen.
Overall if you like tactical games, then AntiSquad Tactics could be just your type. It has quite a bit of reliance on in-app purchases though; soon enough players will find themselves running low on useful items. A lack of items will make the game a lot harder, which incentivizes players to purchase more currency.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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