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imo instant messenger
imo instant messenger
imo instant messenger
imo instant messenger
imo instant messenger
imo instant messenger
imo instant messenger
imo instant messenger
imo instant messenger
imo instant messenger
imo instant messenger
imo instant messenger
imo instant messenger
imo instant messenger

Review imo instant messenger

Jay Feldman
Functions quickly, minimalist design
Not powerful enough
imo instant messenger for Android offers free video chats and instant messaging with friends or family, no matter what network or device they use.
imo instant messenger is a lightweight, no frills messaging app. From what I can tell, the app appears to be absolutely free to use, however, the biggest downside is the functionality is a little thin and could use to be developed further. The app requires you to input your telephone number and confirm a verification code, which enables the messaging capabilities. The process took only a couple minutes.
The interface is very pared down. I thought the fonts were overly small, and I didn't see a way to make them larger. The color scheme is pretty bland, with no real personalization tweaks available. The upsides are, you can send unlimited messages, voice and video calls, all for free. The connections seemed consistent and relatively fast, with only nominal buffering issues.
Setting up group chat with friends and family is seamless. The app accesses your gizmo's contacts, with decent search capabilities, though somewhat laggy. The app also offers the usual stickers to add a little fun and flair to your messaging. Calls and chats are encrypted and the app displays well in portrait mode, though I think it would be hard to read the text on smaller screens.
imo instant messenger is nice overall but a tad sparse. It functions solidly but I've used better.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 6/10
Design 8/10
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some time difficult in installing.
Evgenii Kostrov
Very Good
can yuo invit me
Write a comment...imo.whetapp.samsig GT-5830 what is peyroblem----
Can't download fron uc browser.
ali khan ali
This imo is very nice but not downloaded
Write a's very nice
Princes khayol
Write a comment...
I installed imo on my samsung J7 but the verification code is not sent to me .... helo plz
I am using Samsung neo, have managed to download the app but he problem is when i am trying to video call i am unable to see the other person and they also cant see me on their phones 
Am failing to download imo on my Amazon fire phone,wat could be the problem?
I ve imo installed in LG G PRO 2... but when I use imo for video or audio chat, I can hear clearly the voice from other side, bt when i speak, thei only hear noise... why is that???
Brandon Girod
Are you saying the people you're talking to can't hear your voice?
IMO works well in the US for me, but on international calls (Central/S. America), I pick up A LOT of background noise and conversations! Can this be fixed? Using Samsung Galaxy S5
Brandon Girod
This sounds like a question that would be better aimed at their support. You should be able to find their contact details on their download page. 
nana ama
why cant i download imo on htc desire s
Brandon Girod
Hi! What version of Android is it running?
samsung galarey s2 mobile
samsung galarey s2 mobile18 May 2016, at 20:18
please give me sulition for imo i cant use imo
Brandon Girod
Can you give us more detail about your issues? What version of Android are you running and what exactly is happening?
i cant download imo from my phone samsung version 2.3.6...pls what is the best thing that i can do just to install it!!
Brandon Girod
Hi there, there problem is that your device is running on an unsupported version of Android. 
I take samsung j7 but I can not use imo in my mobiel.pls gave me solution.
Brandon Girod
What version of Android is your device running?
Hey i don't have a sim and i use a tab imo sent me a code but i dont know where to find it please help
Brandon Girod
It should have gone to an email or phone number. See if you can get it to send you the code again.
I can't install imo in my samsung galaxy S2 GT I9100. VERSION 2.3.3 it shows is this compitable with this version. Pls help me. I try someny times but I can't .Give me solution
Brandon Girod
It could be that you're locked out by region. Try doing a google search to see if this is the case.
hi i want imo on my samsung s2when i instal so this option came to me....your device is in compatable for this version...plz.
Brandon Girod
Hi! What kind of device do you have and what version of Android are you running?
Muhammed Rafi
I can't install imo in my samsung galaxy beam? it shows is this compitable with this version. Pls help me. I try someny times but I can't .Give me solution.don't rigect
Brandon Girod
Are you having issues with the download specifically or does it say it's incompatible?
alamin26 Mar 2016, at 10:52Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II
Samsung S2 imo not working plese solition
Brandon Girod
Sorry, you'll need to be more specific about the issue you're having, along with telling us what type of phone you have and what version of Android it's running.
How can I receive my verification code on my tablet. It says it will send via sms or call.
Brandon Girod
Make sure the information you've put in is correct. 
imo can't respond
Brandon Girod
Can you be more specific with what issues you're having, along with what version of Android you're running and which phone you're using?
No sporting
skalarikandy@gmail.com13 Feb 2016, at 21:21
I can't install on my Galaxy Ace mobile S5830i IMO messenger due to incompatible version, Its version is Android 4.1.1, Pls help me
Brandon Girod
Hi! Try searching for the app in your Play Store app and downloading it there. Sometimes the links provided are region based and won't guide you to the right version. 
I want imo working in Nokia
Hi, I lost my SIM card and now I cannot delete my old imo account. Is there a way to contact the support and to delete the account or something else which could be done to have it deleted. A lot of my friends say i am still visible there with status away, I would like to remove it somehow.
Thank you in advance.
Brandon Girod
If Abid's advice doesn't work, try contacting their support: 
Goto ur cell seting and clear ur imo.

Ur old id wil be deleted.

Fb id. Abid.walikhan1
Karim09 Feb 2016, at 18:00Samsung GT-I9082 Galaxy Grand
I am confused, imo messenger installed in my galaxy grant Samsung mobile, But it is not opening why? Please comments what is the solution?
Brandon Girod
Can you please be more specific about the issue? What version of Android are you using? When you open it, does it force close or does it try to open at all?
Plz whats app open 'me
Brandon Girod
Can you explain what issues you're having in more detail, and what device/version of Android you have? 
hi iam buy new Tab lenovo yoga tab 2, Iam install IMO on my tab its  install but my voice is not hearing i dont now why iam install so many time ,may be its was not supporting ,If any one idea please replay ..............other was how can i use this one please reply me........
Brandon Girod
What version of Android is your device running?
my mobile is not imo work
Brandon Girod
What issues are you having?
Canot install imo
Brandon Girod
Does it download to your phone or are you having compatibility issues with the app?
i need to download play store
Brandon Girod
Are you unable to find the app in the Play Store? 
my imo +971528041173 in not working in my nokia xl why?
Brandon Girod
Are you able to start the app? Where do you run into a hang up?
s2 galaxy not sopport IMO please.solve the.problem
Tariq Abdulla
you could try finding the apk on another website like uptodown
Anyone who can help me? Why i cant download IMO my phone is samsung galaxy s2. Can you help me to use IMO?
Tariq Abdulla
Did you go to the play store, you can get to it through the "free version" link above. If yes, where do you run into problems? Are able to download it?
i am using samsung J7, i tried many times to download imo but can't.

how can i download IMO. Can anyone help me...
Tariq Abdulla
what is happening when you're trying?
sumit16 Dec 2015, at 19:11Samsung GT-I9500 Galaxy S4
Hey raj use version 8.8.0 of imo on your samsung i think that works
pls restart device
i am using samsung J7, i tried many times to download imo but can't.
how can i download IMO. Can anyone help me...
please help compatible GT18150 samsung imo 
Tariq Abdulla
we don't have any control over the app I'm afraid
Abid Qayyum
i have trouble in Galaxy s
ididnt get in Google play what shal I do ?
Gt-i8160 age2 imo not support play store.pls install detaile..
my s model GTi9070 imo doesnot suport plz hel soulation
Tariq Abdulla
what happens with it, or does it just say incompatible on the Play store? Not much you can do if so, I'm afraid
Tariq Abdulla
occasionally, it can be because you are on a device which doesn't have a sim card, which is needed to send the text for verification. You could try getting the app from elsewhere in this case imo-messenger.en.uptodown...
i can not register imo in my micro max unit 2.pls give me a reply
Tariq Abdulla
hi there, is it the verification step you have problems with? Have you ensured both phone signal and internet connection?
I'm unable to download imo in Samsung galaxy s plus android 2.3.6. plz give me the suggestion
Tariq Abdulla
what happens when you try to download?
I'm unable to download imo in Samsung galaxy y GT-S5360 android 2.3.6. pl give me the suggestion
Tariq Abdulla
what error message do you get, does it say it is incompatible?
seema chand
unable to download imo, it says my device is nt compatible
Tariq Abdulla
Unfortunately, not all apps are compatible with all devices. However, are you using a tablet, because it may be due to the fact that this requires a phone number (sim card) for verification. Sometimes (I can't guarantee this) you can get around it by searching for "IMO messenger apk", installing it, and using your own phone number for verification
i can get it on htc cha cha phone
haguiar mandaguia
Please help me because I have a problem while entering my phone number cant verified it saying one moment please . How many times I install cant verify my phone number in nokia xl?
Tariq Abdulla
that sounds really annoying. could be a temporary glitch, maybe give it a few days and try again, or ask the developers about it?
I have problem while entering phone number saying

One moment please for hours
Imdadul haque
Samsung advanced GTI9070. Imo does not support in my phone. Please give me a solution........
why my glaxy s1 mobile not download imo.
Tariq Abdulla
what happens when you try to download it?
Tariq Abdulla
what happens when you try to download it?
When it creates a shortcut you do not get a code thus you can't use video it only has contacts I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but gets my phone number but no code so is useless for the intended purpose
Tariq Abdulla
you are having trouble with the verification step, right? Double check you've put the right phone number, try it with and without country code. Are you using the phone number of the device you installed it on? Other than that, not sure really, sorry...
how can i send pictures .my phone NOKIA XL.,? how do this in setting ,?? PLZZZZZ HELP
Tariq Abdulla
In a chat window, you should see two icons: a camera icon for sending photos, and a smiley icon for sending emoticons and other stickers
vivek mukhia
Sound is not supporting plz sugest
Tariq Abdulla
Do you mean there is no sound in your calls? Not sure what to suggest for that, but it may just be internet connectivity, if you can try it again later on? Or, if you are calling someone who is on a computer, they may need to check their microphone settings..
Ashwani Sharma
I am bitch need my imo verify plz help me
Ashwani Sharma
My imo isnot activated but before it was activated plz hlp me
My imo isnot activated .... but befor it was activated....plz help me
Tariq Abdulla
have you switched phones or reinstalled it? where do you get the problem, can you enter your phone number to recieve a verification code by text?
Mike L
Hi , I am having the same issue, I deleted the application and reinstalled it but I cant get past the verify your number screen which loads forever and nothing happens. CAn  you help please. I live in UAE.
Tariq Abdulla
have you ensured you have a data and phone signal? 
Samsung GT-I8160 mini not instal imo plz help me firnds
Tariq Abdulla
what happens when you try to install imo? 
Tariq bhai GT-i8160 not download plz help me
Tariq Abdulla
What happens? Do you get a notice on the Play store that it isn't compatible?
I can't download to my galaxy s advance why? That's showing your device not comparable in this version please fixes this problem
Tariq Abdulla
not sure why it would e incompatible. You could try finding the app from other sources, although there's no guaarantee it will work
Wants to download in windows phone
Tariq Abdulla
it's not on windows phone, but you can get IM+ which has similar functionality
George Rambo
I Luv to use imo
Abu Hanif
want to download IMO in samsung beam, but it is not in my play store. how I can download IMO. Please let me know
Tariq Abdulla
if it is really not in your app store, you could try sideloading it. You may need to go into settings and allow install from an unknown location
my complent imo no downlod
Tariq Abdulla
There's a download link labelled "free version" above the review. If this is not working, what happens when you try it?
Why am i getng error 197 mesg ..while tryng to dwnload imo in my s4...plz help
My mobile is not imo downlof what problume plese salution
Tariq Abdulla
Where are you having this problem? There is a download link above the review labelled "free version", have you tried going there?
Abdul Sattar
Am Using Samsung Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070, It's not supporting imo, can u please tel me what is the issue it's showing version not supported

Thank you.
Tariq Abdulla
Does it say your device is incompatible when you go to download it? If so, there's nothing you can do I'm afraid. But if it is saying this after you download it, this could mean you need to update Android 
I m using nokia lumia 520 i want to download imo nd i cant download it can somebody tell me that how i download it plzzzzz its urgent
Tariq Abdulla
Hi aaqib, I'm sorry I don't think this app is available for windows phone. You might want to consider alternatives like IM+
raj kumar
is imo can work on redmi 2 ???
Hi i have a prob regarding my imo account bec i have uninstalled it and now i want to stall it again its not coming in the playstore when i swarch..what shoud i do?im using sony experia s.thanks
Tariq Abdulla
Hi ghie. I'm not sure if this is your issue, but sometimes if you look at the play store in your web browser, it will say "installed", even if you previously uninstalled the game. In this case, you should open the play store app directly on your device.
May mobile galaxy s11 and no dawnlod imo
Vlad Popa
I'm guessing you mean the Samsung Galaxy S2, as I am not aware of any device model named Galaxy S11.
Can you please be a bit more specific regarding the issue? What exactly prevents you from downloading and installing the app? What error messages, if any are displayed?
Let me know and I will do my best to assist you.

Thanks for your earlier problem solved and I got imo account.but the account is not active incoming and notifications at all.y its like that?what to do for that?
Yam Malla
I am using htc desire 610 it's not working properly,incoming sound have problem can you explain me how to use .....
Vlad Popa
I will need you to be a bit more specific regarding the issue. What exactly is the trouble you are having with the app? Is it not installing properly? Does it crash at launch? Please be as descriptive as possible and make sure to include any error messages displayed.
sudheesh Kp
HI Even i have same prob incoming sound cant hear properly plse provide me the solution , i already reset the mob and i think i have installed properly 

After installing when I put my phone number it shows one moment please and no further activation.its still showing the same.what to do for that? Imo is one of my favorite application and I am very much sad because of that.
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately I have no knowledge of this issue occurring. How long has it been stuck in that screen? My advice would be to contact the app's developers and hopefully they can provide a resolution.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

Thanks for your earlier problem was solved and I got the imo account.but it is not active till incoming, notifications at all.why its like that? What to do for that?
gelaxys2 not support why
Am Using Samsung Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070, It's not supporting imo, can u please tel me what is the issue and how to install ?
Thank you.
Vlad Popa
I believe the app should work on your device as long as you update it to the latest available version of Android (according to my research it should be 4.1.2). If even after doing this the app still is unsupported on your device then I'm afraid there is not much you can do about it.
When i put phone no,only show just a moment no recive activation cod
I am using samdung glaxy ace2 my phone not download imo plz halp me
Vlad Popa
In order to assist you I need to know some specific details about the issue. What exactly prevents you from downloading and installing the app? What error messages, if any, are displayed? What device model and OS version are you using?
Let me know and I will do my best to assist you.
I am using Samsung Glaxy Advance GT 19070. My phone is not supporting imo. imo is my favorite chating software. I am worried for that. What I have to do for the same? Plz guide me. Thanks
why imo is not supporting my nokia lumia 535
khushi31 May 2015, at 13:53LG GT540 Optimus
i have lumia 640 xl it also not supported  is any way to download imo on lumia 
Tariq Abdulla
I'm sorry but I don't think this is available for Windows Phone
I deleted the apps on my iPhone 5c but unfortunately when I re download it, I am not able to get it again. Imo was asking my mobile number but it hangs there for good. What do I do to re install the apps?
camera is not working on MOTO G...
its nt workin in my samsung galaxy y plz help 
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately the Nokia X and XL devices use their own modified versions of Android OS, which means you will have to search for apps in their own proprietary app stores, as they do not have access to Google Play.
To my knowledge Nokia X series does not have this app available for them.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.
people cant hear me why????
hi.   when i use imo in sony experia pro.. it not showing the typing option for chatting .... please advice if its compatible issue
Is imo compatible to nokia x,?
Please tell me vat i want imo in my nokia lumia 520...wat i do??
Vlad Popa
I've mentioned this several times already. The app is not available for Windows Phone devices at the moment.
Is imo available for nokia Lumia 520
Vlad Popa
You can find my answer to this 2 comments down.
No, I believe it is not available for Windows devices.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.
is imo is copitable for Samsung galaxy GT-S5830i
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately I cannot say for certain, yet I can tell you how to check compatibility yourself.
In order to do so please follow the "Free Version" link, found above the review. If doing so from your PC then please log in with the same Google account on both your PC and your Samsung device. Afterwards click the "Install" button. A new pop-up window should appear where you can select your device. Any incompatibilities will be shown here.
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
how to download imo for nokia lumia 520
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately, to my knowledge, the app is unavailable for Windows Phone users.
Please let me now if there is anything else I can assist you with.
My wife has just download it on her phone but she didn't get the verification code. Can somebody pls tell me why and possible solution. Thanks.
Ibrahim Ashik
imo free video call for sony xperia u
Newin D'crooz
one of my friend in America he have note 3 but he get the message not enough sufficient space in the mobile like that please give me the solution
Vlad Popa
Is he certain that he has sufficient storage space on his device? It may be possible he redirected fresh installs to his SD card so he should make sure he also has sufficient storage space on it just in case.
its nt working for 2G network why???
Vlad Popa
I believe that the app does not support 2G networks, only 3G, 4G and WiFi. However i am not 100% certain of this.
could u plz help me, how to loggout from imo. I dnt want to delete my account but want to loggout.
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately your account is tied to your device and SIM card so it is rather impossible to log out without actually deleting the account. At least, this is from my experience with the app.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.
s17 Mar 2015, at 09:52Micromax A210 Canvas 4
thanks for help
but one of my friend is on imo. but whn i called its giving an msg ur buddy is not logged in to imo.
hw is this possible.
ashraf26 Oct 2014, at 21:59LG GT540 Optimus
thanks good messenger
thank you emad
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