Backyard Parking 3D
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Backyard Parking 3D
Backyard Parking 3D
Backyard Parking 3D
Backyard Parking 3D
Backyard Parking 3D
Backyard Parking 3D
Backyard Parking 3D
Backyard Parking 3D

Review Backyard Parking 3D

Tariq Abdulla
Well-balanced difficulty, responsive controls, true-to-life mechanics
Takes a while to load
Backyard Parking 3D for Android is a realistic parking simulator with a series of challenges to work through. The controls and behavior of the cars feel just like the real thing.
Backyard Parking 3D should appeal to people practicing for driving tests, or those who just want to improve their confidence with tricky parking. I feel like playing the game consistently in little bursts would help make me better at parking.
The 3D graphics and the sound effects are highly polished. If anything it's overkill for a simple parking simulator game. It takes some time for each level to load; and the realistic 3D graphics are probably the reason. The ads are quite annoying, but that's the price you pay for quality free games like this.
It would be helpful if there were more visual hints for which way to turn to improve learning. As it is, it's easy to put the car in forwards, and only then realise the game wanted you to go in backwards. It would also help if you could change between different views whenever you want - the game guesses when to switch view.
You can take plenty of time with parking, but are only allowed to have 3 collisions. This includes collisions with traffic cones, which are used to constrain your movement and keep you lined up. Park faster, and more accurately, to earn 3 stars for each level. Complete levels to unlock larger, more difficult cars to park. There's plenty here to calm the nerves of the most anxious learner driver.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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