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MIX by Camera360
MIX by Camera360
MIX by Camera360
MIX by Camera360
MIX by Camera360
MIX by Camera360
MIX by Camera360
MIX by Camera360
MIX by Camera360

Review MIX by Camera360

Kevin Vadala
Amazing amount of features, navigation is streamlined, nice looking application
Might prove too feature rich for some
Mix by Camera360 for Android is a very powerful app that in many ways an instagram of instagram. It's even marketed as a perfect companion for instagram. This app will make your photos of food and friend's faces even better.
In order to understand the way the application works, it's important to understand the layout and design of the app. First you either take a picture or you choose from one you already have. Then, after cropping the picture, you are presented with an assortment of pre-made filters to choose from. There are also options in the middle of the screen to add blur effects and adjust the level of the picture. This is the initial basic UI of the application, and then from there, you can mix.
Mixing is what this app is about. You can choose an assortment (quite a lot) of filters and each of them have sub filters and ranges you can also adjust. Other than the filters, there are also many other options to tinker with. There is Adjust, Blur, Texture, and Tint. Each one of these options also have sub options. Tin has many colors to tint, texture has neat things like flares, blur has different blurs from diagonal to horizontal to vertical, and adjust has things like level, skin, sharpen, temperature, tone - well, the list goes on.
The app provides a host of options that should be perfect for any picture you take, provided that you can understand the amount of features and options available to you. It shouldn't be too complicated, as the UI is fairly simple to use and the menus are easily navigated. Once you understand how many sub categories exist, you should be able to fiddle around with all of the options.
Mix by Camera360 aims to enhance the instagram experience, and it certainly does so. If you are looking for an app to enhance portraits, make a party look more exciting, or even just to fix the colors of a far off landscape, it should suit your needs.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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