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Review WeatherBomb

Kevin Vadala
Detailed and colorful display graphics, good amount of scientific value
Might prove confusing to some
WeatherBomb for Android is a very detailed weather application where you can cycle through the week to see various presentations of weather.
You start out by using WeatherBomb by inputting the city or location that you are interested. Once you do this and the app pulls up your area, you can see the weekday on the top of the screen with a green graph and a yellow background. Above this there are temperature readings and you can edit the place as well.
Underneath these options at the top of the screen are the core features of the app: precipitation, total cloud, and wind. For each one of these categories, you simply tap and then it is displayed in your area. For cloud cover, the application displays grey clouds over an area with the denser part of the coverage being darker. You can see the amount of precipitation in dense blue areas and lighter pink areas. Wind is painted in neat thermal colors. There is also a tab on the bottom which displays the density of each function. The display for each coverage is also fun to use. You can scroll along the weekday and see how the forecast changes.
Overall I don't have many problems with WeatherBomb. The interface is fine, and after a bit of tinkering you should be using the app well. Some of the readings might prove confusing, and there isn't really a tutorial to help you along with some of the advanced features. However, I think the people that would find this application most useful are die hard weather fans that would have no difficulty figuring it out. For me, the application seems like an interesting way to display weather, but I can't see it being useful to simply read the weather. Some reviewers like it for it's scientific merit, but I can't see the application performing for a casual weather checker. That said, it doesn't contain frill or nonsense that a lot of weather applications paste on, well, except for the ad at the bottom.
WeatherBomb is a neat application. It has detailed features and good ways to display the weather data. This application would be a worthy weapon in any weather man's arsenal.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 6/10
Design 6/10
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