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Review CubicTour

Kevin Vadala
Simple but fun style, challenging but fair
Swiping often feels cubersome
CubicTour for Android is in many ways a 3d version of the popular Tetris game. You swipe to shift the position of a cube in order to match the incoming cubes. In some ways the matching element also makes it similar to Bust-A-Move. But make no mistake, the game seeks to carve out it's identity through it's music and stylized neon graphics.
Upon launching the game, you are introduced to the controls. It's simple at first as you swipe to shift the position of the block in order to match the design of the block coming towards you. The blocks exist only within purple blackness and brighter blue walls. Then slowly, as you start to get a hang of matching the blocks - it begins to get a bit more complicated.
This complication is when the game really starts to become a challenge. It requires a good amount of spatial thought in order to figure out how to move the block around with swipes. You swipe to rotate the block one way, and then you swipe up or down to flip it around. It's a little bit like matching your left hand to someones right hand, everything is reversed by the perspective. It's hard, but satisfying to achieve progression.
The progression in the game is handled well. You have to start over if you lose once, but each time you beat a level you advance on the cube. The red cube is filled with your blue progress as you beat the levels.
Overall I thought the game play was pretty fun, but sometimes it almost felt a little hard to achieve the complex rotations needed with the way the controls were set up. Each time I felt like I could of done it right, had I just practiced once more. While I think the controls take a little getting use to, I couldn't tell if it was because of the game play, or if the controls would be better suited to buttons for increased speed. I could see this game being addicting if you like puzzles and spatial games.
CubicTour is a solid game worth picking up to stretch your mind on the go.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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