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Review Citymapper

Kevin Vadala
Many public transportation options, handy uses like home and work settings, ability to sync data and use from other means
Each tab is streamlined
CityMapper for Android is an application that streamlines the commuter experience. Inside the application you can set locations, find information about public transit, share locations and more.
CityMapper is made for navigating cities and provides various modes of transportation. There is bus transportation, light rail, bart stations, Caltrain, and ferry transportation options. Through each one of these tabs you can see data for each mode of transportation. For the San Francisco area you can view the closest Bart station, and the inbound and outbound times. It is equally as easy to find the nearest bus stop and the application shows you how far of a walk it is.
Each segment of the application performs similar. The main hub is the home tab and from here you can pick "Get Me Home" and "Get Me to Work". These tabs make daily commute very easy for users and in some ways I think this is the applications strongest and easiest method. You can add new places as well. You can also add your favorite stops and departures.
CityMapper also provides sign in options in order to backup data, sync data across devices, and abilities to share location to other users.
While CityMapper prides itself on it's accessibility and ease of use, it does require some forethought. For example, in order to find out how to take the nearest Bart, I had to pick a certain location from which to start. I couldn't figure out how to pull up a map of all starting points, which is easily achieved via a Bart specific application, Bart Runner. I would rather use Bart Runner for something so specific, but I can see how CityMapper aims to incorporate all modes of transportation and how that could be useful.
CityMapper is a powerful application with many features. For someone looking for a one solution for their public transit needs, I would recommended it. However, I wouldn't trust it as the best source for traveling, and would suggest trying out other applications to find the perfect fit.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 8/10
Design 7/10
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