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Smart AudioBook Player
Smart AudioBook Player
Smart AudioBook Player
Smart AudioBook Player
Smart AudioBook Player
Smart AudioBook Player

Review Smart AudioBook Player

Sergei Petrov
Smart AudioBook Player - is a convenient and feature-rich program to read audio books, developed by our compatriot Alexei Kravchenko. This program can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play store or our website, and the program does not contain the no advertising.
The phenomenon is so unprecedented generosity because for the first 30 days users are given full version without any restrictions, but after that removed some useful "features", the main functionality is preserved.

How to listen to audiobooks on Android-smartphone

First, create a root folder SD-card for audio books, you can name it anything, a role it does not play. Then upload to this folder and run the audio Smart AudioBook Player. Search audiobooks also bring any trouble - you can buy them at music stores or download from multiple torrent trackers.
Now we go into the program and click the button in the main window "Menu", then select "Library" and then there is press the "Menu" and then specify the path to our root. The program will scan the folder and sort them according to the nesting sequence of files in them. Therefore, for each book, make sure to separate your folder.
In the main window will show two indicators, one of which shows the progress of reading the chapter, and the other shows the overall process of reading the book. In the middle are the playback controls and switch heads. And at the bottom is what I love the most - it's fast forward or rewind 30-60 seconds forward or backward. This feature is extremely useful if you have listened to a track (distracted, it happens) or you want to rewind the musical introduction.
Full version costs only $ 2 (60 rubles), if you do not buy it for 30 days, then you have lost all the features that are shown in the screenshot above. It is not that they are critical, but the function of auto power on going to sleep I really like it and I use regularly.
Summary. Smart AudioBook Player - this is one of the best applications in the Google Play read audiobooks. I, as a tried, and could not find anything to complain about the same here. Let this be a relatively stingy interface, although it is quite a controversial thing. You can also note that the function of displaying the player in a widget lock does not work together with the interface HTC Sense. If you like to listen to audiobooks on Android-smartphone, then this program - MustHave for you!

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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can i download this onto amazon fire hd 8 please
have kindle fire 7 with os will not install. icon on website shows installed
What file formats are supported?
Brandon Girod
It should support all e-book formats. Try contacting their support to see. I wasn't able to hunt any other info down. 
What is the best way to move my files of audiobooks from the hd card to main memory so I can delete books when I finish them?
Brandon Girod
You'd probably want to install a file manager for that. Make sure you save your audio books to a specified folder for easy access.
Have Sd card with 30 of my audiobooks. App pulled in all audio but books.
Brandon Girod
I'm not sure what you mean in your second sentence. Do you mean you can't read the books through this app?
Does everything I need.  Nothing else came close.  I wish they had a Windows Phone version so I could switch to a windows phone
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