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Review HueBrix

Sergei Petrov
HueBrix - this is a new puzzle game that stands out from the overall system quality and unusual idea graphic component. The game interface is done in the spirit of the eight-game, and we have to manage the small square pixels.
This game can be attributed to the genre of puzzle puzzles. In HueBrix we will correct way to combine the blocks to fill all available space, and there is one important detail, which is that these blocks we'll paint yourself.

How to play HueBrix for Android?

At each level, we are given a few cubes, which indicated a certain number indicating the number of these elements. Since our problem - it filled the area, we have enough for this cube and start to drag it to the neighboring cells, creating a line. Of course, this line can not intersect the lines of other blocks and to itself (usually a snake).
Already at level 15 in the game began to appear all sorts of complicating elements. The first - the cells that are marked for specific color, respectively, they can not attack the pixels of other colors. Second - arrows, stepping on that you can only go in one direction, and crosses, which are the final points. Also in the game there are special cells, adding another turn and portals to the other side of the field.
All these factors put together, make of HueBrix very complex and interesting puzzle game in which you can play for hours. The developers are constantly hinting that pass the levels should be faster to get the most points. That is, for each level of the passage of time is set perfect and if you are a fit, then you have every reason to consider himself a master.
According to the developers, the game helps develop logical and spatial and visual thinking. It is difficult to accept, given that it is really very difficult and you may say, "hardcore" game especially for those who can think quickly.


HueBrix - This is a colorful and exciting game that will appeal to all fans is the puzzles. The game is available in a free version with banner ads and a paid version for 31 rubles. At this point, the game features over 200 levels, and it is more than 5 hours of gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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