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Review Drawdle

Sergei Petrov
Drawdle - this is a brilliant puzzle game for Android with the elements of the drawing that will appeal to all fans of arcade games with realistic physics. The developer of the game was made by Studio One Side Software, and this is their debut, but the ambitious project, which has received positive reviews from gaming magazines overseas. Let's see what kind of a game.
Drawdle game very difficult to attribute to any particular genre. The developers describe the genre in just two words "Drawing + Physics". Since the game is not available in the Russian language, we will explain the rather simple but not obvious rules.

How to play Drawdle?

At each level, for us to play a special area within which we can draw any geometric object. In addition, there is always at the ball with the paint and the object you want to color.
Our task is to draw the object to push the ball to the paint, and that in turn should fly directly to the object and paint it. The more we paint the area of ​​the subject, the more points you get and sprockets. At first sight it might seem that the game is easy, but it is only if the first couple of levels.
For the passage should not only draw the correct figure, but also let her in the right direction. Here, severe restrictions imposed by the laws of physics. If you draw a shape with pointed ends, and it will touch their ball, it will burst, as our figure can be easily broken into fragments in collisions with spikes.
Later in the game there are more and more complex objects, which have to throw together just two or even three objects. To better understand how the process of the game, we suggest you watch the video attached to the article.
At this point, the game has 60 levels of full, which will last around 3-4 hours of continuous play. Later, the developers promise to add more levels, but the exact date is not known.


Drawdle - it's good-quality physical puzzle with a fresh idea and excellent implementation. To schedule, as in music, there is no complaints, everything is made with high quality and stylish. You can freely go through the first 15 levels, and if you like it, buy the full version for a minimum price of 30 rubles.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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