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Normal Adventure
Normal Adventure
Normal Adventure
Normal Adventure
Normal Adventure
Normal Adventure
Normal Adventure
Normal Adventure

Review Normal Adventure

Vlad Popa
Diverse gameplay that consists of a mash up of games, totally weird and hilarious, puzzles are quite difficult, helpful puzzle guide that is tricky to access
Not one drop of color, whether or not it is intended, the grammar could use some work
Normal Adventure for Android is exactly the opposite of what the name implies. It is the most outrageous and difficult adventure I have personally ever encountered on mobile devices. Prepare to die over and over all the while being met with mind breaking levels.
Reviewing the gameplay of this wacky, maddening adventure is similar to pushing a square boulder up a hill. Every level is completely unlike the previous and in each there are dozens of new ways to fail. The game features gameplay borrowed from many other titles, such as Flappy Bird, Plants versus Zombies, Super Mario and many others, all warped to fit in with the game’s theme. Without spoiling too much I can safely say that no level is as you would expect and having a conventional mind and line of thought will be the player’s downfall.
The developers have thought of everything, traps upon traps, upon more traps await players as they progress, each perfectly placed and hidden so that the slightest predictable move triggers it. Luckily though the game has a small guide to help players along, in addition to small hints at the start of each level, however to access the guide you can choose to either purchase coins and “bribe” the developers, or you can slap them an outrageous number of times, taking up a large amount of time and effort.
Overall Normal Adventure is an extremely addictive, outrageous and frustratingly difficult game. The graphics are as simplistic as they can be, the game being devoid of all color. The intro may deter some of you as it is designed to create the same situation several times, each with a small variation, but bypass it and you will find it frustratingly entertaining.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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