Strike Wing: Raptor Rising
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Strike Wing: Raptor Rising
Strike Wing: Raptor Rising
Strike Wing: Raptor Rising
Strike Wing: Raptor Rising
Strike Wing: Raptor Rising
Strike Wing: Raptor Rising
Strike Wing: Raptor Rising

Review Strike Wing: Raptor Rising

Kevin Vadala
Beautiful graphics, satisfying gunplay
Doesn't innovate
Strike Wing: Raptor Rising for Android brings a full combat space-sim experience to mobile. There are missions to complete, ships to unlock, and ships to destroy.
The graphics in Strike Wing: Raptor Rising may be it’s strongest attraction. Ships look very polished and the designs are well crafted. Asteroids also have nice shaders, and space itself has a good amount of complexity to it’s design. Bright green lasers and weapons that fly from your ship are accompanied by intense sound effects and explosions pop within the game. These elements add to the immersion provided by the relatively solid combat system. The different view options are also a new component that add to immersion.
The makers of the game market this game as combat oriented. I saw some reviewers complaining about the game, only to have the maker’s defend the game for what it is, instead of what others want it to be. I think a lot of people come into this game with a different mindset, and then they fall in love with the product that is there. They cannot help but want more. I think that speaks to how the game plays out.
After I understood the combat, and how it would work, there wasn’t much to hold me to the game. No promises of trading, intense multiplayer battles, or complex game play elements seem to exist. The missions in this game have relatively interesting dialogue but none of them are part of an interesting overarching story line.
While I generally found it fairly fun to blow ships up into tiny orange and red explosions, I often felt like most of the time I was trying to get my ship to point in the right direction. I think this is a common characteristic with space games, but something that should be considered for those new to the genre, that are looking to give it a shot.
Strike Wing: Raptor Rising is a solid entry for space combat. It’s fun and flashy, and worth a free try, but if you don’t like the trial, I can’t say that there will be more for you to enjoy.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 5/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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