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Turbo Kids
Turbo Kids
Turbo Kids
Turbo Kids
Turbo Kids
Turbo Kids
Turbo Kids
Turbo Kids
Turbo Kids
Turbo Kids

Review Turbo Kids

Jay Feldman
Interesting game play, one-finger controls
Crashes, glitches
Turbo Kids for Android is a side-scrolling multi-player runner game with some interesting elements. It's just a shame the app suffers from frequent freezes and glitches.
Turbo Kids actually has a pretty fun and unique concept. You're one of five little South Park looking little characters and your objective is to run and jump and make it to the finish line before your opponents. It's a footrace with goofy elements. The cool twist is you can shoot projectiles at your opponents that make them freeze in place. Its kind of a fun element that I haven't seen before; very simple and highly entertaining. Unfortunately, it's also highly glitchy.
The controls are simple, one finger taps. Double and triple taps make you bound higher. There are power ups and power downs along the way; some make you go faster, some make you go slower. The graphics are very retro and charming. But the animation is a little sluggish with spotty renders, however it doesn't really detract from the enjoyment of play. Sadly, the app freezes regularly and must be force closed manually in the system settings, or via hard reboot. The sounds were fun though and I really thought the game played well when it worked. It did run my CPU really hot, but I suspect that was mostly due to the outright freezes.
Turbo Kids has a lot going for it but until the glitches are ironed out, it's just not worthwhile as of yet. I think this game will find a receptive audience once the kinks are worked out.

Final ratings

Gameplay 5/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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