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Vlad Popa
Posted: Vlad PopaTested 24 May 2017 on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

How far can you maneuver?
No in-app purchases, simple controls
Graphics could have been better

Alone is a navigation game designed to teach players what difficult truly means. Guide your tiny ship through endless environments while avoiding all sorts of obstacles that can easily destroy the fragile vessel upon impact.
You know that the gameplay is going to be rough when the easiest difficulty setting is called “Hard”. The game is very fast paced, even at the “easiest” difficulty level; at the harder ones it closes in on extremely fast paced. Obstacles break out of the environment, the terrain raises and lowers suddenly. All these require fast movements to be avoided. Swiping up or down will trigger either an upwards or downwards movement of the ship. In case players prefer, they can invert the controls so that an upward swipe moves the ship down and so on. Inverted or not, the ship is extremely sensitive to the player’s inputs. Even the slightest swipe will trigger a sharp move, making it quite easy to miscalculate and splatter the ship all over the ceiling.
While the graphics are simplistic, they do have a certain allure and beauty to them. The rather dark theme and colors are also accompanied by a nice soundtrack that keeps the players involved in the action.
Overall Alone for Android is a fun and challenging game. The price of the game is not going to rip a hole in your budget, yet it feels like it would be a much more valuable purchase for those who enjoy the challenge.
Final ratings
Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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