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Back to Bed
Back to Bed
Back to Bed
Back to Bed
Back to Bed
Back to Bed
Back to Bed
Back to Bed

Review Back to Bed

Tariq Abdulla
Quality sound, atmospheric graphics, unusual plot
Controls could be more responsive
Back to Bed for Android is a surreal logical puzzle game with dream-like qualities. The objective is to guide a sleepwalker called Bob out the window of his sleep-inducing office, and back to the safety of his bed, through a series reality-twisting levels.
You control a character called Subob (Bob's subconscious guardian - a kind of dog with a human face). Bob is a heavy sleepwalker, and will just keep walking until he hits an object (then he'll turn clockwise) or walks off the edge of world (then he'll wake up and scream "Nooooooo!" But don't worry, Bob will keep falling back into the level for you to try and guide him again.)
Mostly, you move giant apples around to control Bob's direction, and try to steer him towards his bed, often via impossible staircases and through portal mirrors, all while trying to avoid robotic alarm clocks that will wake Bob up if they see him. You need to think carefully about what you need to do with the apples, and you also need to move quickly in order to change their positions while Bob is still walking. The controls could perhaps be a little more responsive - they're not bad, but it's fiddly at times to place apples exactly where you want them.
Back to Bed mixes styles from artists such as Escher, Dali and Magritte, to create the dream like game world. The sounds fit the game atmosphere well, including a sleepy sounding narrator who gives hints along the way. The puzzles achieve a good balance of difficulty that keeps them interesting, but not so difficult that you feel like giving up on them.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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