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Pocket Heroes

Pocket HeroesPocket HeroesPocket HeroesPocket HeroesPocket HeroesPocket HeroesPocket HeroesPocket HeroesPocket Heroes


Vlad Popa
Posted: Vlad PopaTested 01 Apr 2017 on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

Great party based combat game
Interesting mechanics, decent graphics, convenient controls
Although classic, the story is rather bleak and could have been better, in-app purchases

In a world in turmoil, it falls upon a ragtag group of heroes to save the kingdom from certain doom. Pocket Heroes for Android is a classic tale of heroism and teamwork in the face of adversity.
While the game initially may look like it was designed to be a turn based game, it soon becomes apparent that this is not the case. Controlling your heroes is done by selecting them and sliding your finger. Drawing a line from the hero to a point on the terrain issues a movement order, while a line to an enemy will issue an attack move and a line to another hero indicates a supportive move. Each member of your party must fulfill a certain role so choose wisely for each mission. Heavily armored heroes serve as tanks, protecting the rest of the group from harm, while healers maintain their health.
Characters with high attack values will take down enemies rapidly as long as they are protected, while some heroes serve a more control function by stunning, or otherwise delaying enemies to give their group time to plan and fight without being overrun. Special abilities are triggered by buttons at the top left corner of the screen for each selected hero and are based on the talents learned for each character.
Overall Pocket Heroes is a very interesting game. With a classic medieval fantasy story that never gets old, decent and comic graphics, and more importantly a combat system that simply works well with the party based gameplay, it manages to be one of the better action/role-play games of the moment.
Final ratings
Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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