Super Battle Tactics
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Super Battle Tactics
Super Battle Tactics
Super Battle Tactics
Super Battle Tactics
Super Battle Tactics
Super Battle Tactics
Super Battle Tactics
Super Battle Tactics

Review Super Battle Tactics

Vlad Popa
Lots of vehicles to choose from and upgrade, can be played without in-app purchases
Combat could have been more interactive
Super Battle Tactics is a game where machines of war battle it out and get destroyed for your amusement. In a world where tank battles are used by a TV show to entertain, assemble the ultimate armored vehicle team and crush all opponents by using your military mind to plan and use all available resources to defeat the enemy.
The battles are broken up into several rounds, as many as it takes for a team to achieve victory. Each round is broken down into several phases: the planning phase, where each of your vehicles rolls a random number depending on how advanced it is, which determines the attack value of each machine, additionally you can use abilities such as focusing fire and calling in air strikes. Once the planning phase is complete you can sit back and enjoy. The First Strike phase begins after a brief virtual coin toss takes place to see who goes first, then the team who won the toss launches its attack. What follows is a brief counterattack from the remaining team. This pace continues until one team has no remaining vehicles
Overall Super Battle Tactics for Android manages to be an ok game. Although the action in the game is mostly handled by the AI, it still manages to offer a bit of entertainment for players who enjoy planning their battles and then seeing their plan come to fruition in the form of enemy war machines being turned to scrap.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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