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True Color
True Color
True Color
True Color
True Color
True Color
True Color
True Color

Review True Color

Kevin Vadala
Polished and colorful design, variety of game modes
Can be considered stressful and repetitive game design
True Color for Android is quick game in which you have to choose the right color. The game tries to trick you into failing, and you have to battle your reactions with your mind to make the right choice.
The app comes with four modes that all contain the same idea. There is Classic mode, where you are given a short time for each decision and upon each correct color match, the time limit for each decision slowly decreases. In Find the True Color mode, you are given color choices to match with what color the word in the center says. In Chrono mode, there is a set time limit and the goal is to get as many correct matches as possible. Finally, in Tag the True Color mode, you have to pick the correct match out of four possible choices.
Each one of these modes looks simple and bright. The design of the app is well done, and the modes are plentiful and different. I personally enjoyed Classic mode the best because I liked how the time slowly ramped up to increase the intensity. Some of the other modes felt stressful.
I can't really say that this game does anything wrong with the concept that it is implementing. Picking the right color in each mode works well and is fun. While each mode does bring a different twist, the main concept still crosses over into each application. This is an app that will either stick with you, or cause you to get bored of the main concept.
True Color is a polished version of it's genre. While the game play is solid, I can't see there being that much fun in game play value because the game is inherently stressful, and failure seems bound to happen. However, if you like this sort of game, it's a very good pick.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 5/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 5/10
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