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Review 12Hours

Tariq Abdulla
Quick visual information, sync with multiple calendars, no ads
Limited features
12Hours for Android is a clock widget that you can sync with multiple calendars to colorfully display all your activities and appointments for the next 12 Hours. You can also use it to show what free time you have available today. (Or at least what free time you think you have.)
12Hours will appeal to busy people who use digital calendars and task lists to keep themselves organised. It's almost useful for me, but I tend to use calendars only for knowing what I'm doing each day, and rely mostly on my memory (or apps like Worldmate) for finer detail.
A variety of clock styles are available, with some transparent ones that won't obscure your wallpaper too much. You can make them small or large, so they are fully functional as replacements for your stock clocks. You can edit the look of any widgets you have added from within the app. I would like to see more clock options though, perhaps some that also show the time in digital form, or include the date.
The 12Hours widget shows you when you are busy, but not really what you are meant to be doing. For that you need to tap the widget to see a calendar. This is a calendar that comes with the app, and it is pretty decent. 12Hours provides useful visual cue of your level of business, with an integrated calendar just a tap away. It could do with more features such as a lockscreen, and maybe a 24 hour option and clocks labelled for different time-zones. If you like 12 hour clocks, and could do with a quick visual reminder that you have "something" coming up today, this app is certainly worth a little of your time.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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