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Review MAPS.ME

Tariq Abdulla
Accurate maps, functions quickly, simple interface
Needs to be elaborated for Android is an offline maps app, that lets you download detailed maps for any country. This is particularly useful for travelling when you want to avoid data roaming charges. To download the maps for any country, you simply zoom into it from the world map, and follow the prompt to download. The maps are extremely detailed - right down to having individual house numbers and the locations of shops, ATMs, car parks and restaurants etc. lite allows you to download any maps you want, and just restricts the search and bookmarks features available in the pro version. Let's be clear though: won't give you directions. It's just maps plus your location and orientation: you still have to figure out which way to go by yourself. But it does find your location quickly and accurately, and this by itself is really useful. You can also send a link to other people to give your location. They can see the location you sent either with the app or online in openstreetmaps.
I'd like to see the option of having public transport links displayed on the maps (you can already see stations, but not how they are connected). Having bus and metro lines highlighted when you select stations would make even more useful for figuring out directions.
Overall, seems to work faster than other map apps, and shows you where you are with outstanding accuracy. So it is the perfect tool for orienting yourself in a new area. There are maps for every country so you only need one app. The days of scrunching up tourist maps in my pockets are over.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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