Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder
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Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder
Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder
Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder
Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder
Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder
Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder

Review Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder

Kevin Vadala
Easy to use, brilliant innovative solution, plenty of features
Premise of the app might come off as rude in a meeting
Cogi for Android is an app that innovates the way note taking is made. In some ways, Cogi should be an essential app for any note taker- whether you are a student, a businessman, or just someone listening to a live performance.
Ever wanted to record a lecture or presentation but hated the idea of suffering through hours of recording? Cogi aims to fix that problem with it’s innovative new approach to note taking.
The app works by listening in, and then when you push record the app saves the previous data recorded up to when you push the button again. The premise, while simple proves easier to explain with an example.
Suppose you are listening to a professor give a lecture, and he mentions a point that will be on a test. With Cogi, you push the button and the important information that is in the past, is saved and you can keep it recording.
The one thing about Cogi that might off put users is that you need to interact with the app in order for it to work the best. With other recording uses, you simple push record and you can let your phone be idle. With Cogi, you need to have it in mind for it to work.
Besides this basic ability, the app also comes with other handy features that let you take your note taking experience to the next level. There are available pictures, notes, and tags.
The Cogi app is definitely a useful app in the hands of the right user. The concept might prove hard for some to grasp, but Cogi excels in that it has a simple UI and streamlined look and feel.
You can tell how long you are recording in the orange area, which is contrasted neatly with the grey background. It not only looks good, but feels good to record as well. You can also play the sound back while looking at images you have taken.
For an app like Cogi to get points docked off, it needs to have a bad UI that is hard to understand enough to undermine the whole concept of the app. Thankfully Cogi is able to bring that solid core foundation to match it’s innovative recording technology. If you are an avid note taker, I can’t recommend Cogi any more.

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Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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