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Run Forrest Run
Run Forrest Run
Run Forrest Run
Run Forrest Run
Run Forrest Run
Run Forrest Run
Run Forrest Run
Run Forrest Run

Review Run Forrest Run

Kevin Vadala
Collecting coins and controls work well
Music is irritating, not interesting game play, aggressive ad system
Forest Gump for Android is another infinite runner game in which you navigate through obstacles by swiping up, down, or sideways. Inside the game there are unlockables and power ups.
Now I’m sure you are wondering what I did when I saw this game. Is this game better than Temple Run, or perhaps, what new things does it bring to the table?
Run Forest Run for Android doesn’t bring much to be honest. Mostly the game likes to capitalize on it’s theme, and at times the game feels purely built because of it. It plays exactly like Temple Run with the same exact controls, jump and dodge mechanics, just with different cartoony graphics and some semi-interesting power ups.
The game starts every re-run with a music track that will drive you nuts. It’s full on country music that sounds like elevator music, supposedly matched with the road and desert sides. If that doesn’t phase you, perhaps the abundance of in-game microtransactions and ads shoved in yourself might just work their effect.
The game pesters you outside of the app itself to revisit it, and spend money. Sometimes ad’s pop up even while you are running, or just starting the course. They require you to click on the corner and on a large screen like the Samsung Galaxy S4, this can prove very bothersome. I accidentally clicked on the ads a few times.
It’s things like this that make the game feel even more like a reskinned game just to make some profit. Yeah the lawn mower and flying power ups are somewhat exciting, the gameplay is alright, and it can be satisfying to play - but it’s bogged down by things that would make this mediocre otherwise game slightly less mediocre.
I would of liked to see more elements from the movies inside the game. Perhaps if the art style was less cartoony, or if environments even ranged to the war scenes from the movie, and if the game loosened the endless runner formula a bit. Imagine the game asking you to collect a certain amount of food or water, in order to keep Gump hydrated.
Run Forest Run... Well I suppose it was only a matter of time before there was a Forrest Gump game. I just wish it wasn’t like this.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 5/10
Sound 4/10
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