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Wind-up Knight
Wind-up Knight
Wind-up Knight
Wind-up Knight
Wind-up Knight
Wind-up Knight
Wind-up Knight
Wind-up Knight
Wind-up Knight
Wind-up Knight
Wind-up Knight

Review Wind-up Knight

Jay Feldman
Decent graphics, lots of levels, one-finger controls
Very common, graphics could have been better
Wind-up Knight for Android is good fun but very familiar. It’s essentially medieval Mario Brothers but not as interesting as the real deal.
Wind-up Knight has some novel elements to it. You are a wind-up toy knight in this playful, side scrolling empire. Your little knight is all cranked up and walks all on his own, so really all you need worry about it hitting the jump or sword button. Slay the kooky characters and gather coins while you bound over obstacles, make it to the flag and win the round. There are tons of levels but not a whole lot of variance or intrigue. Yes, the backdrop is ever changing, but really that’s just set dressing; the game is basically the same throughout.
The controls work nicely, but then, there isn't much to them. Literally just tap to jump or slay. The menus and presentation are nicely developed and add some milestones and achievements to accumulate. I loved the storybook chapters and how it was all put together. It's part children's book part retro platformer classic. The animation is decent and very old school. And just like the real Mario Brothers, the soundtrack here is equally annoying and grates on the nerves, fast.
Wind-up Knight is a competent game but is rather static and pedestrian. I assume the sequel offers more of the same but hopefully with some much needed improvements, so I’d start there if it’s your first time around the block with this game and then come back to this one if you're enamored enough to visit where it all started.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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