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Pocket Frogs
Pocket Frogs
Pocket Frogs
Pocket Frogs
Pocket Frogs
Pocket Frogs
Pocket Frogs

Review Pocket Frogs

Sergei Petrov
Pocket Frogs - a new game for Android, came to us from the operating system iOS, where she had been to the top and get a huge amount of positive reviews. So what do all these people have found in this strange game about frogs? Now we'll tell you!
In this game we will be breeding and collecting frogs. Each individual we will support right from the moment of birth. All frogs in this game are unique because they inherit at birth three genetic trait from both parents.

What do we do in Pocket Frogs?

First, we define our frog habitat, they can create multiple and simultaneously follow immediately behind many frogs, it all depends in this respect from your time.
Each frog has its age and the percentage of happiness, and our mission will be to maintain these parameters at high levels. Two adults can have additional offspring of frogs.
In order to maintain the happiness of frogs at a high level, you need to play with them in the mini-game. In one of the games we have to jump from leaf to leaf, so that between them flying insects, so we'll miss them on the fly. Also, there is a frog race, which should lead to the finish frog with dragonflies flying by watering.
Most of all I liked the built-puzzl-game where you need to place a few frogs nearby and make sure that they look at all in one direction.
In addition, you can put your frogs at the auction, give them to your friends and, of course, to cross them, growing a brand new, unique offspring. The game also has a small job, which is to the cultivation of a certain species of frogs, but they do not necessarily.
The game is absolutely free, in this case, to support developers and simplify the game, you can get special butylki happiness, which immediately makes your frog happy and pumped them an extra level.


Pocket Frogs - this is an extraordinary game that is difficult to attribute to any genre. There is a bit of arcade, strategy and social games. In some ways it resembles a frog tomogochi, which is always worth at least a look!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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