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Order Up! To Go
Order Up! To Go
Order Up! To Go
Order Up! To Go

Review Order Up! To Go

Sergei Petrov
Game Order Up! To Go tells the story of budding chefs, who will undergo a complex path from avtozakusochnoy a network of fast-food to cook in the high-end expensive restaurant. The game combines an interesting dynamic arcade food preparation and building your own restaurant empire with a personal menu.
Most of the time in the Order Up! To Go, we will prepare food, and to perform the most simple and ordinary job. For example, we received an order for cooking french fries and a hamburger, which consists of cucumber, cabbage, meatballs and cheese. Here's to us and fry on both sides chop, chop and cut the rest of the ingredients and fry in butter potatoes (do not believe me, that's preparing French fries!).
Each stage of cooking - it is a separate mini-game, and we are preparing not sequentially, but simultaneously. After all, if the first fry french fries, and then take on a burger, by the time of delivery of the order, the potatoes have cooled down, and we finally obtain the dissatisfied customer, who did not leave a tip, and in general, it is unlikely we will come to the second time.

Features of Order Up! To Go for Android:

  • Improved 3D-graphics with a memorable style;
  • Great game optimization;
  • Building your own restaurant empire;
  • Scheduling menu;
  • Exciting gameplay.
The main thing in the game - this is, of course, the process of cooking. Such detail is not in any similar game. For example, the process of cutting vegetables like a game Fruit Ninja , but here it is necessary to cut neat slices of flat products in the recipe required thickness.
In the process of cooking meat to monitor the level of toast and time to turn the piece. These are just some examples of the many options in the game.
Over time, the job will become more difficult, and we have to watch for multiple pans, fryers and other kitchen tools.


Order Up! To Go - this is high-quality and addictive game that makes simple chefs almost action-arcade game in which you can play for days and hours on end. Since the game is entirely free, the developers provided a system of internal purchases of game currency, which will help in the short term to get the best restaurants and recipes.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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