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Review Doze

Kevin Vadala
Intuitive interface, minimalist design, neat design, no ads
Unclear premium package
Doze-Relaxing Music for Android is a stream-able music app that provides music for relaxation. This app is perfect for those wanting to meditate, sleep, or simply relax.
Doze is a very beautiful app. It has a clean, simple, and elegant design that makes the premise of the app even better (if you are meant to be relaxed, the interface should be relaxing not confusing and it succeeds).
There are only a few options within the app. There is a useful time option that automatically stops the music after the time allotted, and there is a skip track option. The background provided by the app is a smokey blue-tinted purple background that might even be pleasurable to watch while you are relaxing to the music.
As far as the music goes, it is solid. There are a wide array of tracks ranging from more upbeat electronic tracks, to rain and ocean tracks, to chanting vocals, and sometimes cheesy instrumental tracks that you might find in a sad movie. While other ambient music apps are similar, they don’t contain the variety and amount of music tracks that this one does. While the app seems simple, it provides for a deep experience in terms of content.
While Doze-Relaxing Music is free, there are additional options and track filtering available upon purchase. It doesn’t explain what options are available, which is kind of strange.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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