Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)
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Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)
Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)
Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)
Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)
Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Review Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Jay Feldman
You'll never sleep in again, interesting functionality, minimalist design
Most annoying alarm clock ever
Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) for Android proudly boasts itself as the most annoying alarm clock in the world; and hands down, they're right.
Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) doesn't sell itself as the most annoying alarm clock ever for nothing. But if sleeping in is a problem for you, this app will either fix it, or cost you a new phone after yours is smashed to bits trying to silence this app. At first glance, the app doesn't look like anything special; just your standard alarm clock app. Tap the + sign to add a new alarm, select a ringtone or music file to play as the alarm, then set the time. You can also set repeating alarms based on the day of the week. The layout is deceptively simple, and inviting.
Ok, so now for the annoying part - it's actually mad genius sorta stuff - turning off the alarms is where the fun begins and you can chose from an array of annoying methods. My favorites are the shake and picture features. The shake feature just means you'll have to shake the daylights out of your gizmo for a preset length of time, say, 30 seconds. Well, that's an awfully long time to be shaking anything that vigorously in the morning (get your mind out of the gutter.) My next favorite silence method, is the picture method. Just use your gizmo's camera to take a photo of something the night before, and then the next morning, you'll have to take the exact same picture to silence the alarm. So if you take a picture of the bathroom doorknob, then you'll have to get your butt out of bed and go take that picture in the morning to silence that dang alarm. Starting to see why it's so annoying?
Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) is the perfect alarm app if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. I just hope you have 'accidental' damage insurance for your phone.

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Usefulness 9/10
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Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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